26 sept. 2010

....Dreaming with Manuel Bolaño (Bcn Fashion Week 2010)

“Recuerdo un oso. Un oso de peluche camel. Una fría y gris mañana de invierno en una excursión a los Castros Gallegos. Mi madre, vestida de lanas y sedas en rosa, me llevaba de la mano, y yo me preguntaba... ¿Por qué todo ha de ser de color de rosa?”
Manuel Bolaño dixit...

16 sept. 2010

...Am-lul for H&M!!!!!!!

***Five bloggers will collaborate for H&M showing some fashion pieces and they will explain how wear this piece. From my point of view, Gala is the most fashionable option.Gala is a spanish girl but nowadays she lives in London. She mix and match very good!! Congrats Gala for this opportunity!!!! ;-)

4 sept. 2010

...Catherine Baba, Stylist!!

Considerate as well as a Fashion Icon, Catherine loves to make bold statements and has developed an unmistakable style which has its own place in the contemporary fashion world. She dresses with a sort of 20s and 30s Hollywood glamour and feminine allure, displaying a love of rich fabrics and fantasy clothes that frequently have a surreal twist. She has worked for Chanel, Givenchy, Balmain and Ungaro and is a freelance stylist and consultant for a number of fashion houses and designers. She has also worked for Dazed and international editions of Vogue.

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