24 may. 2010

Ladies on trend...Julia Sarr-Jamois!!

** Fashion editor´s Wonderland Magazine.
Sarr-Jamois is half Senegalese and half French. She’s 22, and left college to pursue an internship at I-D magazine. She tried modeling a bit in her teens, doing campaigns for Fred Perry and Diesel, but decided she wanted to do something more creative, which is how she got interesting in styling. “I’m sure if I had been doing amazing shows it would have been modeling,” she says of her brief runway career.
Like so many fashion professionals, Sarr-Jamois started early: She was always trying to spice up her school uniform with something like patterned tights, or wearing a black coat instead of the regulation grey, and she”s had her trademark hair style since she was in her mid-teens. Now, freed from the constraints of a rigid academic atmosphere she freely mixes: Alaïa and American Apparel, Margiela with her favorite Marks & Spencer cashmere jumper, either towering stilettos or a pair of Churches brogues, “the more battered the better.” Sarr-Jamois loves sportswear: “Give me a good sweatshirt anytime!” she tells me. Especially if it’s Balenciaga, I say, and we laugh.
Sarr-Jamois has a special place in her heart for vintage, the best examples of which were raided from her mum’s closet. “My mother had a stall selling vintage in the Brixton market in the eighties. All my best denim, my dark jeans, are from her!” she admits.
“I live in London, but I would love to work in Paris for a while—I have family here,” she confides. Wherever Sarr-Jamois is, one suspects that her great good looks will be popping up on the Web, and in our collective consciousness, more and more as subsequent fashion seasons unfold.
(Lynn Yaeger´s article)

6 may. 2010

...Blue on green!!

* Escada´s shop window
** Matthew Williamson 2009
*** Martin Margiela boots S/S 2010
+++ Stockholstreetstyle + Sartorialist + Patricia Gray picture´s!!